How to Troubleshoot Faulty Laptop Adapter?

Laptop chargers are a resilient piece of technology. But, after withstanding the abuses of your daily use, they are still susceptible to failure. If you are experiencing the problem where your laptop’s AC adapter has suddenly stopped working, this blog is just for you.

Let’s begin the troubleshooting.

1. Check the Connections:
Most laptop chargers / adapters come with a led indicator that lit up when it is connected to the mains outlet. If there is no light, check if the power cord is properly seated in both the adapter brick and the wall outlet. To rule out the chance of a faulty wall outlet, try a different outlet in another room or plug in another device like a mobile charger and see if the outlet is working properly.

Still no light? Borrow a compatible adapter from a friend and see if the laptop is charging. If it is charging, then the charger is faulty and may need replacement or repair. If not, your charger is fine. Unfortunately, though, the fault may be in the laptop itself, which may prove costlier than buying a replacement charger.

2. Check the Charger
Examine the adapter brick and power cord for any sign of wear or damage. Check for any sign of discoloration or damage or smell of burnt rubber coming from the brick. If so, the adapter is damaged. Also examine the power cable and the connector for any tears or damage. You will need to buy a new adapter and/or power cord if they are damaged.

If there is no sign of physical damage, then the fault may be internal. In this case, plug the charger in on another compatible laptop and see if it is working properly. If not, the charger is damaged and you will need to buy a replacement charger.

3. Check the Battery
Power off the laptop and remove the battery. Now, power on with the AC adapter plugged in. If the laptop won’t power on, the charger is damaged and require replacement. If it starts up normally, then it is probably a battery failure or the battery’s driver related issue. In case of failed battery, it should be replaced and you can easily find replacement battery online in India.

4. Finding a Replacement Charger
It’s important to choose the right type of charger. Laptop chargers/adapters are relatively cheap and you can easily buy laptop adapter online in India. Check the voltage and power rating of the original charger and buy only charger that matches the manufacturer’s specification or it could end up causing damage to the laptop.

Now that you have gone through these troubleshooting guides. You know what to do the next time your laptop charger starts to act up.
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