How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard

The keyboard is a vital part on any notebook PC. Just imagine what you would do if some or whole of the keys stop responding to your input, the laptop will be rendered useless. Also, replacing a laptop keyboard might be expensive and is a troublesome process useless you know what you are doing. So, it is a job best left for the professionals. But, it is best to look for another fix before sending it to a professional for replacement.
Below are some simple troubleshooting guides that might help you in the event that your laptop keyboard stops working.

1.    Restart Your Laptop

A reboot can fix many problems. In case your mouse or touch pad is not working, press down the power button for a couple of seconds to shut it down and press it again after a few seconds to restart it. See if the keyboard is working, if it is still not working, then try the below solutions.

2.    Re-Install the Keyboard Driver

Search for ´device manager’ in your windows and click on it. In device manager look for the “keyboards” tab. If it is marked with a yellow exclamation mark that probably means the device is not working and you have to download the keyboard driver and install it. If not, try uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it or updating it. Now restart the laptop and see if the problem is fixed. Continue to the next step if the problem still persist.

Note: You can download your keyboard driver from the manufacturer’s site.

3.    Go for USB

Try a USB or a wireless keyboard. This may not be a long term fix, but it will get your work done for the time being.

4.    Hardware problem

If the above solutions didn’t fix your keyboard, then it may very well be a hardware related issue. In such cases, it is best if you have a professional to have a look at it. If the laptop is still under warranty then you may have it fixed free of cost. Be sure to back up your important files on a hard drive before sending it for repair.
But, if you have some technical knowledge, then you can order a replacement laptop keyboard online and repair it yourself. There are numerous blogs and instructional videos available online that you can follow for your specific laptop model.

I hope this blog proves useful to you, and you were able to fix your laptop keyboard issues. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us at or comment below.

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