Is your Dell Laptop Getting Overheated: Reason & Solution

Dell Laptops have incredibly developed over the past few years. The manufacturers of Dell designs their laptops with all internal devices closely placed together which tends to overheat the laptop faster. There are a lot of interior components or laptop parts to help fight overheating like heat pipes and fans, but eventually a long session will heat it up.

Except for your coffee mug, overheating is the greatest threat for your laptop. It can result in hardware failure or permanent damage to your laptop if you don’t fix it within time. Let’s go and have a look at how to find out and overcome with this “overheating” problem of Dell laptops.

Let’s Check out the Reasons and Causes for Laptop Overheating

  • Get to know How Your Laptop is Overheating?

When your laptop fan runs at a full speed, it is a clear sign of overheating. When laptop starts heating, you can face its slow performance as CPU decreases its speed to avoid heat pressure. Additionally, the fail safe software can cause a quick shutdown to prevent hardware from any damage.

  • Causes for Overheating

The main reason considered behind overheating is insufficient cooling. If you do not give your laptop sufficient time for cooling then it will automatically overheat quickly. Other reasons include a clocked up fan, dust blocking exhaust ports or intake grills. Mostly, people use laptops on inappropriate areas like over the pillow, lap, couch or bed which disturbs the flow of air into the laptop. Dying batteries are another reason for overheating. Bad batteries not only discharge quickly but they can also generate heat.

Let’s Fight with the Overheating Problem with the Fixes Below

  • Invest in cooling system

Laptop cooling systems are designed to provide additional cooling to your laptop. Dell has created a Cooling Chill Mat to prevent overheating in your laptops. You can attach this mat to your laptop’s bottom. It prevents your laptop from additional heat which is produced and keep it safe from interior damage and your lap from getting hot!

  • Keep it Clean

The most important thing that you should do if your laptop is overheating is “dust it out”. After some time laptops cooling fans start to develop layers of dirt and dust, which makes them slow them and blocks the flow of air. Turn it upside-down and see what you have got. Otherwise, consult your laptop’s manual or any expert to know how you can open it and clean its parts carefully with a cotton swab soaked with a drop of alcohol or with a vacuum cleaner. After cleaning, make sure to apply fresh thermal grease to the connection between the CPU and its heat sink.

  • Dying Batteries can be an Issue

Batteries are not intended to be stored at a capacity of 100% or 0%. Most of the people keep their laptop battery fully charged, but they actually don’t use it. This can definitely kill your battery which can result in your laptop battery replacement. You can get your laptop battery replaced from the place where you bought it or buy a laptop battery online. There are a lot of options available. Knowing your Laptop Company and battery model you can have a new battery for the laptop.

  • Keep it on a Flat Surface While using

If you sit with a laptop on an uneven surface like a pillow, Blanket or your lap, the airflow of the laptop is disturbed which builds up heat and finally your laptop overheats. Therefore, to avoid this situation, simply a hard or flat surface or get a laptop holder or a lap stand.

Some Simple Suggestion to Prevent Overheating

    • To keep your Dell Laptop cool, use them at a reasonable temperature. Suggested range of temperature to use a laptop is 0°C- 35°C for keeping them cool with smooth performance.
    • You should update BIOS services to avoid these problems. You must consult experts while updating BIOS to get correct setting which is important, according to the system requirements.

You can also decrease the brightness of your laptop screen or reduce the CPU clock speed so that overheating can be prevented.